Kindergarten fee rebate and extended holiday break for the staff

  • Lautarfréttir
  • 4. nóvember 2019

Grindavíkurbær municipality has resolved to offer the parents of children attending kindergarten a kindergaten fee rebate for the month of December and also to offer the staff an extension of the holiday break. This is part of improving the working environment of the kindergartens.

There are already many parents who choose not to take up their child‘s placement during the days between Christmas and the new year although they have already paid the fees. A resolution has been passed to waive the fees for those who do not need the palcement for these particular days.

During the days between the two holidays there is only minimal activity at the Grindavíkurbær municipality kindergartens. Some of the departments will be closed and there is going to be a reduced number of staff on duty because it is the intent of the municipality to give the kindergarten staff an opportunity to have an extended holiday break.

If a parent needs kindergarten placement during these days between the two holidays, then you need to notify the kindergarten principal by e-mail prior to 15 november Otherwise it will be assumed that the child will be on Christmas break from Christmas day until the beginning of the new year.

Hopefully the above resolution by the municipal council of Grindavíkurbær will provide you with a welcome opportunity for constructive fellowship during the holiday period both for the families and the staff.

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